Jeff (theycallme_jeff) wrote in 2ghetto,

mod two

shit that needs to be on your local news station happening
in the middle of your neighborhood.
pancakes bottles on the front porch,
squeeze aunt jamima & befriending stingy ass ants.
george forman grillz hooked up to long ass rubber orange extention chords,
pulled in the middle of yo yard to cook fabulous food like hotdogs,chicken, and chitlens!

we are interested in similar shit.

cats tossed on the roof.
poptart yo daily meal.
black weave streamin down to yo blue diamond encrusted nails.
tape recorded 106.5 da beat to hear zulu big lip bandit speak.

we are interested in similar shit,

j (ill post a couple of entries to let you know of what me and dat ocean, would like this community to become!)
Tags: mod-post
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